November 28, 2016

Castro Passing Does Not Mean a Free Cuba

Nashville, Tennessee – Latinos for Tennessee, a non-profit and non-partisan organization that supports and promotes faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility to the Latino community in Tennessee issued a statement following the death of Fidel Castro – the communist leader in Cuba that rules over the island with an iron fist, repressing its people and overseeing a failed economic system.

“With the passing of Castro, the Cuban people have an opportunity to demand and fight with increased vigor for freedom, liberty and human decency. Our country should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Cuban people clamoring for a change in regime,” said Lopez.

Lopez added:

“As a Cuban refugee, I am overwhelmed with emotion. There is both sadness and happiness. Sadness for all the lives lost under the terrible communist regime and happiness to think of a brighter future for an island country that yearns to be free.”

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