Latinos for Tennessee strongly supports issues that promote and protect Faith, Family, Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility.  We encourage you to stand in support of these issues:


Yes on 1

Yes on 1 Logo TN Pink


The Yes on 1 Campaign is an effort this year to ensure passage of Amendment 1 that be on the ballot in November 2014.  Due to a radical ruling of the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000, Tennessee has extremely lax abortion restrictions, thus making Tennessee an abortion destination.  With the passage of Amendment 1 we can see that changed!



School Choice NOW


School Choice NOW is a grassroots movement made up of parents, community leaders and education reformers, who believe in high-quality education options for Tennessee children. There are many learning styles, and children all learn differently. While it serves the needs of many students, the public school environment does not serve the learning needs of all students. A scholarship program allows parents trapped by their zip code to give their children an opportunity to receive a high-quality education and escape the one-size-fits all education model. This movement is empowering parents with a voice in support of more educational choice options.