July 28, 2017

Nashville, Tennessee – Latinos for Tennessee, a statewide organization committed to protecting and promoting faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility, supports the Treasury Department’s financial sanctions on 13 current and former senior government officials in Venezuela, which were announced Wednesday, July 26.

The onerous sanctions serve as a warning in advance of Sunday’s upcoming vote in Venezuela for a National Constituent Assembly (Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, or ANC)—a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by President Nicolás Maduro, expected to radically alter the constitution, eliminate all existing democratic institutions, and allow Maduro to remain in power indefinitely.

Raul Lopez, Executive Director of Latinos for Tennessee, issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Treasury sanction announcement.

“Venezuela is experiencing a humanitarian crisis as a direct result of corruption and failed socialist economic policies. Democracy has been undermined to the point of chaos. By imposing sanctions on the Maduro government, the Trump White House is exercising bold leadership in defense of liberty, freedom and human rights in Latin America.”

Lopez went on to add: “The United States government is right to stand with the people of Venezuela, by standing against the corrupt, oppressive regime that has driven the country into a desperate economic crisis and has repeatedly responded to opposition with violence and repression.”

The international community, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia and Chile, has urged President Maduro to suspend Sunday’s vote; and recent polls have found that more than 85 percent of the people of Venezuela oppose re-writing the Venezuelan constitution.

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