Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have fled and continue to flee the chaos of the economically devastated nation, where food and medicine shortages threaten the people’s livelihood, and where corruption and repression threaten their safety.

Monday, the Trump administration announced expanded sanctions against Venezuela and the regime of President Nicolás Maduro, banning a digital currency that Maduro created in order to dodge existing international financial sanctions.

Latinos for Tennessee released a statement when financial sanctions were first announced in July last year (read it in full here). Unfortunately, President Maduro has not changed course to help Venezuela’s people, and the same principles still apply:

Let’s continue to speak out for freedom and human rights in Latin America, and pray for change in Venezuela.

P.S. If you’re interested in this topic, here’s a half-hour podcast that dives into the story of Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader who had been imprisoned by the Maduro regime. He’s now under house arrest on the condition of keeping silent.