President Trump’s Strong Legacy Defending Religious Freedom

On January 19th, I get a call from a friend inviting me to President Trump’s farewell event at the Andrews Joint Air Force Base in Maryland. Thinking my husband would contest the invite due to the DC chaos, he surprised me when he said, “Nilsa, you have to go. You were there for him since the beginning and you’ve worked so hard that you deserve to see the fruit of all you’ve done for this administration.”

In 2016, Lourdes Aguirre, my former State Director of Faith Engagement for the Florida GOP and I, her side-kick Regional Director, had the honor of managing the Campaign office in Hialeah, FL for, then-candidate, Donald J. Trump. Imagine this, a female proud Cuban American Business Developer with a Puerto Rican Pastor’s wife at the helm of getting out the vote for the next President of the United States.

Democrats, Republicans, & Independents would flock to our doors to see how they can help and how to volunteer. The message had resonated in the heart of America’s forgotten. I can say this with the utmost certainty that conservative values ARE Hispanic values and that there is a remnant looking for someone to take America out of:

  • Disastrous deals
  • Funding abortion
  • Turning a blind eye to religious persecution
  • Allowing Socialism & Communism to thrive in South America
  • Abandoning Israel & US hostages around the world
  • Allowing Globalism to dictate the future of America
  • Shipping out American jobs

As we arrived at the military base to bid our amazing 45th President farewell, we were received by a large group of kind and organized service members of the military that bussed attendees from the parking lot to the hangar to then go through a security sweep and await to receive the President.

Right Side Broadcasting anchors began to question the empty landing strip on their livestream in which I quickly commented, “The crowd is waiting in the hangar,” without saying how I knew. When the hangar doors opened, the crowd rushed to the rails separating the audience from the stage. American flags were passed out and cell phones quickly went up as the Marine Choppers came in. The Trump sons and daughter, along with their spouses walked to the Secret Service vehicle to stand on the side and watch as their father addressed our beloved nation one last time.

We all cheered as the President took the stage with our First Lady where he invited her to share her final remarks as the opener to such a historic moment. She shared how serving as our First Lady was her greatest honor in life and closed with asking God to bless us and to bless America. The President eloquently shared his message and we were so proud to be reminded of the so many accomplishments achieved by this recent administration.

As a Christian Hispanic, I can say that he achieved more than what I voted for which is why I voted for him again along with a record-breaking 36%+ Hispanic voters across the country in November of 2020. His closing statement in which he expressed that we would see him again in a different form brought a spark of hope to a crowd and viewership that had mixed emotions that day. Tears streamed down so many faces as Air Force 1 departed. As I consoled Lourdes, who witnessed this moment with me, I could sense that fearful little 8 yr old girl that fled Cuba’s communist dictator in her tears, praying that the incoming administration would not impose the socialist agenda that she so desperately fled from. However, our hope is not in President Trump or in the resurgence of a president of his stature but is wholly deposited in God and our Lord Jesus Christ and for His hand to shield and deliver us from all the dangers that we see and that we do not see. May God reward President Trump & his administration for an amazing job well done and we pray that we see leadership in DC continue to stand with the American people in our shared values and respect for the Constitution of the United States of America.

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