Wow, You’re Alive?!

*This contains details about domestic violence *

You may have heard in recent news how a now former NFL player named Chad Wheeler allegedly assaulted his girlfriend at her home in Kent, Washington. Who can imagine that after this alleged episode of domestic violence he continued to eat his dinner as if nothing ever happened? His girlfriend, whom I am not naming, testifies that she lost consciousness after he strangled her with both hands and eventually used one hand cover her mouth and nose. After she regained consciousness on her bed, she ran into her bathroom to use her phone to get help. His girlfriend testifies that while sipping on a smoothie he asked, “Wow, you’re alive?” By the time the police got there she was screaming, covered in blood and with a dislocated arm. 

As grateful as I am that she is alive, many do not survive. What you may not know is that Tennessee is consistently on the list of worst 5 states in America concerning domestic violence homicides. If we do not take dramatic action as a state, I am afraid we will wake up one day and be the worst state in America. Many Tennesseans are not aware of this possibility. In Davidson county, for example,the police department reports that 30 percent of their calls are related to domestic violence. This is a sign of a major crisis since statistics show that on average victims wait until the 7th instance of abuse before calling 9-1-1. Tennessee meet Goliath. 

Domestic violence is a giant right now in this state. The purpose of this blog post is to raise awareness and to ask a favor of you. Can you please commit to praying for the great state of Tennessee concerning this issue? Please ask the Lord to heal and deliver us from the vicious cycle domestic violence and guide those in leadership to bring us to victory. 

In the coming months you will be filled in as to what we are doing to help the many already working to defeat this giant.

I declare we will wake up one day and instead find ourselves to be one of the safest states in America for families. 

Nadine Thornton

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