Latino Community in South is Growing: Republicans Need to Take Notice


Once upon a time, states like Arizona and Colorado were solidly Republican. But as the Latino community grew, both states started trending purple and eventually blue.

It happened, in part because Republicans were slow to respond.

Democrats and their media allies meanwhile invested millions into turning a hardworking and entrepreneurial community into Democratic votes.

This change isn’t just happening out west, it’s happening closer to home in neighboring Georgia.

Latinos for Tennessee is not going to allow it happens here.

As the only conservative Latino organization in the state, Latinos for Tennessee is committed to promoting and defending faith, family, freedom, and fiscal responsibility.

To ensure that the growing Latino community in Tennessee embraces the conservative principles that have made this country great, we are meeting with pastors, faith leaders and business leaders all across our state.

We are taking our message in op-eds in the Tennessean and the Knoxville News Sentinel and Spanish media like Nashville Noticias.

We are partnering with non-profit groups like Break Thru Nashville to help those in need, as opposed to growing the size of government at the expense of personal liberties and personal responsibilities.

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