God’s Timing is Perfect

Pastor Alex Guillen, a man and servant of God, has been through a lot.

A few months ago, Pastor Alex and his son were struck by a drunk driver. After losing consciousness, Pastor Alex and his son were rushed to the emergency room to treat life threatening injuries.

God spared their lives.

But just when they thought that they had survived the worst, Pastor Alex started developing painful headaches that made it difficult to get through the day. Medical professionals eventually diagnosed that the automobile crash had caused significant trauma to his brain and skull. Memory loss and painful headaches were the norm.

Of course, diagnosing and treating all of these injuries meant a significant financial burden on the Guillen family.

With Pastor Guillen needing constant care, his wife assumed the duties of an around the clock caregiver.

Unfortunately, it meant that she could not go to work on a consistent basis. She was eventually let go.

Finally, the Guillen family is without a car, following the terrible accident.

In this remarkable time of need, Break Thru Tennessee was able to gift a card to Pastor Guillen and his family!

Pastor Alex was thrilled and praised God for His timing and His people during this time of financial and health hardship.

Please continue to lift Pastor Alex Guillen and his family in prayer.

Pastor Alex’ faith is unwavering even during this incredibly difficult period.

I pray that you too will reminded of God’s providence and His perfect timing after reading this remarkable testimony.

On behalf of everyone at Latinos for Tennessee, thank you Break Thru Tennessee for all you do to help the most vulnerable and those most in need in our state.


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