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Our Mission

The mission of Latinos for Tennessee is to provide the Latino community with information and hold events on issues concerning faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility so they can advance their families and communities.


Our purpose is to educate Latinos on the issues affecting their community and way of life.


Today, more and more, we are seeing our religious freedoms under increasing attack. Little by little, they are being removed from the public arena. We must take a stand to protect our religious freedoms and values. We believe in Freedom to practice one’s religion without persecution is one of our most important rights we enjoy in the United States!

We hope you will join us as a partner as we protect:

  • The unborn child
  • The sanctity of marriage
  • The expression of faith in public schools, businesses and other public venues


Our education policy may be the most important factor in determining the future success of our nation. For the United States of America to retain its title as the “Land of Opportunity” we must provide the best opportunities to our children and anyone seeking to improve their lives or those of their parents.

We need you to partner with us as we endorse:

– Competition: Encourage competition among existing educational options: public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, and private schools. All options have a place in our education system.
– Innovation: Implement policies that allow for innovation, improvement, and accounts for all learning styles. Support measures that have a proven track record of establishing the greatest gains in achievement. School choice, Teacher Induction programs, and tearing down barriers to entry for entities that want to offer schools, teacher models, and technological advances. Insist on accountable and efficient expenditure of public education funding.
– Incentives/Accountability: Change the current system that protects the status quo. Promote common metrics for measuring success at the state level without imposing a federal system.


We believe in and are committed to protecting our Freedoms and the Free Market system.

We are focused on the assertion of constitutional rights and other human rights by individuals, private entities, and constituent political subdivisions, and on the teaching of constitutional values, especially to enable new immigrants to achieve citizenship and to enjoy the rights our country offers them.

We need you to partner with us as we protect:

  • The Constitution
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Tennessee State Rights
  • The assurance of a strong national defense

Fiscal Responsibility

Our Federal debt is out of control and growing. It has long been time to implement policies that insure our children are not burdened with our debt that was created by irresponsible spending, so they too can live the American Dream. Too many Americans are still without jobs. After years of failed tax and spend policies, it is time for new policies.

We need you to partner with us as we endorse:

  • Policies that decrease the National Debt
  • Policies that create a simple, fair and equitable tax system
  • Policies that create a healthcare plan that does not require government intervention



To promote the core principles and values of the Latino community in Tennessee.


To have an ongoing “unfiltered” marketing campaign targeting Latinos and educating them on key policy issues.


To recruit and encourage Latino Americans to register to vote.


To ensure candidates who represent the family values of Latinos are elected to office and continue to represent those values.


To promote and encourage civic participation.


To ensure the participation of citizens of Hispanic heritage in all levels of the American political process.

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