Empowering Tennesseans through Faith, Family, Freedom, and Fiscal Responsibility.

At Latinos for Tennessee, our mission is rooted in the unwavering principles of faith, the resilience of family, the pursuit of freedom, and a commitment to fiscal responsibility. Join us as we build a Tennessee where these core values thrive, shaping a future of prosperity and opportunity for all. 

Building Community, Committed to Foundational Values

We are committed to safeguarding the foundational values that make the United States great. Join us in protecting the principles of liberty, justice, and unity as we work together for the improvement of our Tennessee and our nation.

What we do

Local Events

Through impactful events, we harness the power of community engagement to foster connection, celebrate shared values, and promote civic participation. Whether it’s town hall meetings, cultural festivals, or community service initiatives, our local events create spaces where Tennesseans can unite, share ideas, and contribute to our diverse state. 

Online Community

Our online community serves as a virtual hub where members can engage in meaningful discussions, stay informed about important issues, and forge connections. Through our online community, members can access our interactive content and exclusive events.

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Championing Legislation

As advocates for conservative Christian values, we actively champion legislation that aligns with our core pillars of Faith, Family, Freedom, and Fiscal Responsibility by working closely with legislators and engaging in grassroots advocacy. We seek to influence policy decisions that reflect our commitment to defend religious liberties, strengthening family values, and promoting fiscal responsibility.

our initiatives

Connecting Churches

Faith is a cornerstone of our organization, and we recognize the pivotal role that churches play in fostering community, compassion, and shared values. Through initiatives that connect churches across Tennessee, we aim to strengthen the ties between faith communities, encouraging collaboration and mutual support.

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Meet our team championing for all Tennesseans.

Raul Lopez

Chairman of the board & Founder

Tommy Valejos

Executive Director & CO-FOUNDER

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