Conservative Values in the 21st Century

Embracing our Judeo-Christian Values in Today's World

Being open about your Judeo-Christian values can feel like swimming against the current. The pressures of secular society can make it challenging to express and stand by these deeply held beliefs. But here at Latinos for Tennessee, we get it. We’re here to provide a welcoming space where you can connect with community to navigate these challenges. In the midst of societal shifts, we’re committed to building a community that values and supports the  conservative values. Join us as we stand together to preserve the values that have shaped our communities and nation for generations.

Our Values

In every endeavor, Latinos for Tennessee upholds the pillars of faith, family, freedom, and fiscal responsibility. These values not only shape our mission but serve as the bedrock of our commitment to fostering a resilient, united, and prosperous Tennessee.


We strive to not only recruit and encourage Latinos to register to vote but also to infuse the democratic process with a spirit of moral conviction. Our goal is to inspire a sense of civic duty grounded in the values that bridge our diverse community, fostering an active and purposeful participation in shaping the political landscape.


Central to our mission is the commitment to electing candidates who resonate with the family values cherished by Latinos. We seek to ensure that those elected to office are advocates for strong, supportive families, fostering environments where our community can thrive and prosper.


Promoting and encouraging civic participation is a direct expression of our dedication to freedom. By actively engaging in the political process, Latinos for Tennessee endeavors to safeguard and enhance the liberties that make our nation exceptional, ensuring a voice for every citizen in shaping their future.

Fiscal Responsibility

We work to guarantee the active participation of Latino citizens at all levels of the American political process. This commitment extends to promoting responsible fiscal policies that ensure the economic well-being of our community and the nation.

Our People

Raul Lopez

Chairman of the Board

Tommy Valejos

Executive Director

Lupita Howell

Director of Operations

Joshua Rosales

Director of middle TN & Rutherford County

Eilier Teruel

Director of Hamilton County

Charles Valdez

Director of Williamson County

Isaac Gomez

Director of Davidson County

Nisla Alvarez

National Spokesperson


Angela Martinez

Director of Events

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