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Chattanooga: Latinos for Tennessee Kick Off Event

Join Latinos for Tennessee at our Chattanooga Kick Off Event to promote and preserve Economic Freedom in Chattanooga & Tennessee.

2024 Welcome Back Legislators Reception

Join us along returning members of our General Assembly for our annual reception at Nashville City Club on January 16th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Hear a welcome message from Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee and from our keynote speaker, Bob Unanue, President & CEO of Goya Foods and Executive Producer of the movie, “Sound of Freedom”. 

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Online Events

Unite, engage, and support.

We can’t wait to see you in person or online at our events in Tennessee. Hear from legislators, policy makers, and community leaders on the issues you care about. 

connect and build community

Our events provide a unique opportunity to meet and connect with fellow patriots who are dedicated to safeguarding the United States' foundational values. Belonging to our community fosters a sense of belonging and solidarity among like-minded individuals who share a commitment to our values. It's a chance to exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives, creating a supportive network that actively works together for the betterment of Tennessee and our nation.

engage with elected representatives

At our events, you'll have an opportunity to directly engage with elected representatives who share a commitment to safeguarding the principles of liberty, justice, and religious freedom. You will hear directly from these officials about their efforts to uphold these foundational values and gain insights into the policies that impact our community. By actively participating in these discussions, you contribute to the collective work of defending and promoting the ideals that make the United States exceptional.

support our mission to uplift

Your attendance at our events is not only a show of solidarity but a tangible way to support our mission. Join us in safeguarding the principles that make the United States a great place of endless opportunity and prosperity. By supporting Latinos for Tennessee, you play a crucial role in the ongoing efforts to improve our state and nation. Your involvement makes a difference, helping us collectively work towards a better future for all residents of Tennessee and contributing to the broader welfare of our nation.

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We’re building a community that  champions a Tennessee that holds faith, family, freedom, and fiscal responsibility at the center.