Latinos for Tennessee Endorses State Representatives Mike Sparks and Tim Rudd

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Latinos for Tennessee is the Only Conservative Latino Political Organization in Tennessee

(Nashville, Tennessee) – Today, Latinos for Tennessee, a political organization committed to promoting faith, family and freedom issued a statement endorsing State Representatives Mike Sparks and Tim Rudd.

As the only conservative political organization dedicated to educating the Latino community in Tennessee, Latinos for Tennessee will use social media channels and their growing membership to mobilize voters to support Sparks and Rudd.

Tommy Vallejos, executive director for Latinos for Tennessee, issued the following statement in support of Sparks and Rudd:

“Now more than ever we need principled lawmakers who are committed to defending the freedom and values that make Tennessee such a great place to live, raise a family and start a business.

What we don’t need is watered down and lukewarm proposals that will only grow the size of government and compromise with liberal lawmakers at the first turn.

Over the years State Reps. Sparks and Rudd have proven to be committed conservatives who care deeply about our state and country. Latinos for Tennessee could not be prouder to support them in this year’s election.”